La Comunidad del Oído Atento (MX, 2018)  Full Film
The awaken listening community explores the movement of resistances from corporality, moving forward through the territory of the image through the word, descending and finding ourselves in a common horizon, in a labyrinth of small stories that can be found in minimal actions, in the walk of the organized conscience, the will and the attentive listening.
Secondary Succession (USA, 2016) Excerpt
In the autumn of the year, where the veil is thin between worlds and time; 5 beings cross into a sacred land of many indigenous tribes, that is locked in Remembering by a dismantled military fort of another era that is blocking passage to the return to the Sea. These magical spirits tell the stories of the Displaced, the Invisible and the return of Wilderness, as they honor the Past, Present and the Future. In this Dance for Film we see the hidden and the evident, as we dance towards our insistence on revealing that which is needed.
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La Danza del Hipocampo (MX, 2014) Teaser
The mechanisms of memory are mysterious. If you had to choose seven moments that summarized your whole life, which ones would you choose?
In “The dance of memory” the director takes us into the deep ocean of her old family videos in order to find the clues that lead us through her quest. This is a documentary essay full of visual poetry, where memory gets scrapped into people and places to reveal the origins of memory.