Arcadio M. Lanz was born in Mexico City (1985). He obtained a Bachelor Degree with Cum Laude Diploma from UDLAP. He studied within the International Jazz Festival in Xalapa with musicians like Antonio Sanchez, Alon Yavnai and Victor Mendoza. In 2007 he moved to Boston as part of an Exchange Student Program with Northeastern University, where he studied History of Electronic Music with Michael Frengel and Composition with Douglas F. Durant. He also took private lessons with Bob Moses and Jamay Haadad. He has attended seminars with musicians like Alexandre Kautz, Wade Mathews, Javier Montiel and the Latin American Quartet, among others. He has studied in private lessons with musicians like Armando Montiel, Hernan Hecht, Nicolas Santella and Mark Aanderud. His work as a composer and performer includes: The Awaken Listening Community (short film, 2018), Poetic Postcards (Tv series, 26 episodes), Secondary Succession (video dance, USA. 2015), Concert for Church Bells (2014-2015), Spectrum of the Riverbed (video dance, 2015), My City in Bicycle (Tv series, 20 episodes, 2015), Every Time We Say Goodbye (theatre, 2014), Animal (dance USA- Mexico, 2014), Dance of the Memory (documentary, 2014, winner of best documentary in the International Film Festival in Monterrey, and nominated to best original score in the festival Crystal Screen in 2014), The Unearthing (multidisciplinary project, Charlottesville, USA-Mexico). Since 2005, Arcadio has been in close collaboration with Contemporary Dance, working as an accompanist for the dance department at UDLAP for 12 years, where he developed his own accompaniment techniques for different instrumentations. He has been a guest musician in all 8 editions of the dance festival Performática since 2007, and he has worked in collaboration with many dancers and choreographers around the world. He currently works as a film and electroacoustic composer and producer for different projects.